Why Study Music?

    Music is a fundamental human experience. It manifests uniquely culture-to-culture, consistently involving our most profound emotions, dexterities, abstract/conceptual thinking, and social cohesion. Studying music, in practice or through scholarship and analysis, enriches individual lives, empowers human citizenship, and deepens our understanding of complementary, interdisciplinary topics in arts, sciences, and social sciences.

    Why Study Music at MMC?

    Music study at MMC aims to optimize our location in NYC, one of the cultural capitals of the world, with our dynamic liberal arts environment where opportunities for creativity and performance abound. Through partnerships with two premier music schools and partner institutions, we offer lessons and recital opportunities with established NYC professional musicians. Our array of interdisciplinary courses provide foundations to integrate music studies with the central objectives of your major program and supplement your major with additional knowledge and skills. The MMC environment supports creative work as an essential element of many majors, so that students from all areas of the school who are interested in music can participate through collaborative and production opportunities in classes and student-initiated projects.

    What You Will Learn

    • Begin or continue study of an instrument or voice with either individual or group lessons or participation in a music ensemble.
    • Deepen understanding of music and music-making by expanding knowledge of its power and significance in many realms of human experience, including historical and evolutionary development, scientific research, communication, culture, and technology.
    • Explore making music and sound from a variety of roles – composer, performer, producer, songwriter, sound artist/designer, performer – in the creation of original music and sound for live, digital, and web-based collaborations and projects.


    Program Highlights

    MMC has partner relationships with two pre-eminent NYC music schools: the New York Conservatory of Music and the Third Street Music School.
    Classes and music ensembles are available by special arrangement with the Hunter College Music program.
    Internship workshop for students
    MMC students have interned at a number of NYC sites including Rolling Stone Magazine, RCA Records, SONY Records, Warner Music, Epic Records, SiriusXM, Def Jam/Universal Music, and Soundtrack Group.

    Careers and Outcomes


    • Songwriter or Composer  
    • Film Scorer
    • Performer
    • Music Editor  
    • Music Educator  
    • Music or Choir Director  


    • Producer or Band Manager
    • Music Studio Manager
    • Music Journalist
    • Sound Artist or Designer
    • Music Therapist

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