Why Study Arts for Communities?

    Can the arts change the world? The Arts for Communities minor prepares students to use creative techniques to make a difference in a variety of settings. You’ll study teaching and community-building methods, explore artistic and performative strategies, and engage in off-campus internships. Learn how the arts can challenge social and political structures, and support the pursuit of social justice.

    Why Study Arts for Communities at MMC?

    Join our college of creative changemakers and immerse yourself in community-based social justice work. Building on a foundation in the arts, social sciences, and psychology, you’ll be able to choose courses based on your interests in the visual and performing arts, and specialized electives such as Art, Politics and Society, Art Therapy, Drama Therapy, and American Sign Language. You’ll learn from accomplished professionals in the field, and tap into the cultural resources of New York City for projects, guest speakers, and field trips. Gain practical experience through an internship with an arts, educational, or community service organization in New York City.

    What You Will Learn

    The Arts for Communities minor explores how artists use the visual and performing arts to address social and political issues. Through courses and projects, you’ll:

    • Plan, create or perform original works of art, dance, video, music or theatre for a particular community as a tool for dialogue and social change.
    • Explore a variety of arts and performance techniques and methods (community murals, forum theatre, invisible theatre, documentary video, street performance, story circles, verbatim theatre) as they relate to community-based arts projects.
    • Acquire leadership skills and collaborative approaches to support creative team projects, and coordinate with the work of educators and other practitioners.
    • Study the work of artists who bring political or social advocacy to their work.


    Program Highlights


    • Alumni Andie Lerner '18 

      Art is not created in a vacuum and it is irresponsible to ignore the multiple widespread injustices plaguing our society. In my independent work as an actor, director, and theatre-maker, I attempt to use my platform to make meaningful contributions addressing these inequities and to pivot to provide space for underrepresented voices. I currently serve as the Next Generation Fellow for the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center (at the CUNY Graduate Center), where I am focused on amplifying the goal of accessible resources and conversations in order to connect and invest in our global community.

      Andie Lerner ’18 

      Class of 2018, Major in Acting and Directing, Minor in Arts for Communities

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    Careers and Outcomes

    Completing the minor in Arts for Communities will give you an edge, whether you choose to apply to graduate programs in Art or Drama Therapy, to Applied Theatre programs, or to earn teaching certifications.

    Jobs and Careers

    • Education Outreach Coordinator for Artistic Production Companies, Museums, and Cultural Organizations
    • Teaching Artist, Afterschool and Wellness Programs
    • Recreation Leader, Youth Programs and Senior Centers
    • Community Arts Organizer


    • Foundation program administrator
    • Local government arts representative
    • Political campaign organizer
    • Social service agency representative

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