Why Study Public Health?

    We are living through historic times. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that public health policies and communication are vital in keeping us safe and healthy. The pandemic has also exposed the underlying inequities in our public health system. You can help combat those inequities. Join a field poised for growth where you can make an impact in the lives of individuals and communities at home and across the globe.

    Why Study Public Health at MMC?

    Study public health in the city that established the very first public agency for health over 150 years ago. New York City is the epicenter of the history of public health—not to mention the foundation for the social justice movement—and is leading its future. You’ll learn how this interdisciplinary field draws from science, medicine, history, psychology, sociology, and politics to keep the public safe and healthy and move us into the future. Your courses will get you excited to take personal responsibility for your own health, advance health equity, and promote community health. You’ll study and pursue internships at some of the most dynamic and impactful organizations in the field.

    We all know now that a strong public health infrastructure is critical for a healthy society. You can explore this important field as we navigate a post-pandemic future.

    What You Will Learn

    • Explain the multiple determinants of human health and well-being from a multidisciplinary perspective. Explore how many different aspects of our lives impact our health ranging from our biology to where we live.
    • Analyze factors affecting population health including gender, race, ethnicity, social class, and age. Explore how social determinants of health are the driving forces behind most health outcomes and how our behavior and choices impact our health.
    • Describe risk factors and modes of transmission for infectious and chronic diseases and how these diseases affect both personal and population health.
    • Learn what puts us at risk for new emerging illness like Covid-19 as well as chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer and they impact us on a community level.


    Sarah L. Weinberger-Litman
    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Program Highlights

    Many students pursue independent research experiences in our on-campus labs, exploring areas of urban ecology, ocean biogeochemistry, the connection between Alzheimer’s and diabetes, and so much more. 
    Our students intern at renowned NYC biomedical facilities, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Weill Cornell Medical Center, Columbia University, the Hospital for Special Surgery, Rockefeller University, and more. 
    Students can build different skill sets through peer advising, tutoring, and assisting in the preparation and execution of laboratory courses. In addition, our students maintain an active Student Chapter of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
    • Sierra Rasheed Class of 2022

      The public health field grabbed my attention as I took epidemiology during the start of the coronavirus pandemic. My understanding of the public health system broadened as I realized the health care system is beyond researching infectious disease; it directly relates to the mental and physical health of communities and individuals. The minor pairs with my psychology major because I can explore and understand the multiple ways in which an individual’s health can be affected and ways to promote health and improvement.

      Sierra Rasheed

      Class of 2022
      Psychology Major, Public Health Minor

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    Careers and Outcomes

    The Public Health minor will help get you ready for a wide range of careers, including:

    job titles

    • Epidemiologist
    • Emergency Management Specialist
    • Community Health Worker/Educator
    • Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
    • Microbiologist

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